Old coin system, same gym system!


With the old system, I could get 100 coins every 21 hours. New system, I get 50 coins but try to hold 20 gyms each day to ensure I get those 50 coins from somewhere. I liked the old system better. I could train my own Pokemon at gyms as well.


Please not the old system.
Old system: I was extremely lucky when I got 20 Coins on a day. Nothing to me most of the time.
New System: I can easily get 50 Coins per day or 250+ per week.


But now it takes me 3 days to buy an incubator or 4 for storage space. Old system I could get storage space every other day, or an incubator every day and a half.


I’d say a very large percentage of people that collect coins now wouldn’t have stood a chance if the old system was still in play.
I do think it should be a bit harder to knock a Gym down though.

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Stop Necroing old posts please. Out of date discussions are out of date


Please, it is just kind of frustrating when you reply when the conversation is 9+ months old.


i know he means well but it’s really distracting when browsing these forums, and pointless honestly


With the old system it took me a month to buy an upgrade.


And I agree with @Punica: @Thorend, could you please close this thread?