October Field Research


On Monday, October 1st at 2:00 PM ET, the Suicune race will begin. With September Field Research tasks rewarding committed players with a near-perfect IV Entei, October will be the month of water type Pokemon. Suicune is a legendary Pokemon, and in my opinion is one of the best. I have 6 days saved up and I’m ready for the 7th. Save your tasks for October 1st, as you don’t want to miss this one!

Good luck!



Good thing is, you dont need a good IV Suicune


Nope, it’s pretty bad lol


Commited players rewarded with near-perfect Entei? Never gotten a good IV legendary from researtch here.
Suicune is one of the best? With the exception of the regi’s, suicune is the absolute worst. Perhaps you think it’s the coolest, most awesome one of them all, but be honest and don’t call it (one of) the best.

Nice commercial attempt though :smile:


As a water pokemon its absolutely worthless. As an ICE pokemon though… Still not that great.
But it will finally give me the option to get 2 additional pokemon. So far ive kept atleast 6 of every legendary, but becaus Suicune was so bad and it was double candy at the time ive only caught 4 and then focussed on Ttar raids :stuck_out_tongue:


i still remember going all out on my birthday just to have a caught legendary on my birthday. took me 3 raids to actually get one. Luckily my catchrate went way up since then so shouldn’t be so hard this year.

But still, suicune is bad m’kay…


woah 608 views dang lol