Obligatory Year 1 Recap



I know you guys must be DYING to hear about my first year in Pokmemon GO, so here it is.

LEVEL = 31
BEST FRIENDS = 0 ( Sad )

Now these are some MEDIOCRE stats.


You have only two Shiny Pokémon🤨 you don’t play on Community Days?


I got both on community days, its just Im lazy about getting them.


If you dont want to be too active, you can just sit in a park and catch a couple of shinies


Im lazy in the sense that I dont check the game a lot.


Sounds like you had a good year


Congrats. And It takes just 90 day of gifting for best friends. :wink:

Btw are we friends jet?


Don’t start befriending people who admit they are too lazy to even play the game :smile:
90 days for best friends? that would take over a year.

Also, those are not mediocre stats, those are absolutely godawfull terrible stats. Why even play if you’re gonna like that?


Made 1 year in the end of May:
Level 33
19 shinies (9 of them without been from CM days and 11 of different species)
975km walked
133 eggs hatched (only hatched 2km eggs when i was out of the big ones)
Perfect IV = 1 (A male nidoran caught on a train stop.)
2 great friends and 1 best friend.


That are some decent stats. The stats of the OP are just bad. You need 2,5M xp for level 31 and 3,75M voor level 33, that’s 1,5 times as much, that alone shows a lot.

We all play differently. Some play more than others and some play hardcore and some play casual. To each his own. But level 31 and only 2 shinies in 1 year? That’s not casual anymore. That’s like having a subscription for a gym, but instead of working out once or twice a week, you do it once per year.

I mean no wrong here, if OP is happy with his milestone, good for him. But i seriously wonder why you’d play at all if you play this little.


Levels: 37
Shinies: 50+
Best Friends: 7
100s: (Zigzagoon, Kabutops, Raichu, Mawile)
Pokèmon caught: 8k
Distance Walked: 650 KM


Thanks for the encouragement buddy, that really helped. :smile:


Everyone plays their own way.


Great work, Melv! :grinning::+1::sunglasses:

Here are my own efforts from the past year…

LEVEL = 42
EGGS EATEN = 113 (scrambled, fried, boiled, devilled, etc.)
SHIZZLES = All wrong
PERFECT IV = Mrs. celery (awww…)
BEST FRIENDS = All the guys and gals on the pokemongohub forum! :grin:


Actually I had 0 shinies after 1 year and my level wasn’t that much higher.


Im jealous of your skills.