November Bug Event Discussion (the good bad the ugly)


A thread for all Bug Event Type catches and discussion.
Hows it going for everyone?

It’s been very lack luster at this end. I’m seeing and catching 4-5 Normal or Fire type to every 1 Bug type at work.
Only one Weedle and one Caterpie seen so far. Mostly Purple fluff balls for Bugs atm. Seeing more Kangas and Pidgey than anything else.


Do the bug type spawns increase?


2 new registers? Fine with me :grin:


For an event/theme you they should and normally do. Yes I’m getting more bugs than what I normally see/get at work. It’s just strange that the Normal and Fire are out numbering it by a considerable amount.


Without any event, what type of Pokémon do you see the most?


It’s been a very long time since there hasn’t been any influencing theme.
Regular caught at work include:
Purple fluff balls

From a Type perspective it’s Ground, Fire , Normal


It’s like desert biome, is the purple balls Jigglypuff?



We are the driest State in the driest Continent :grinning:


we are the same :joy: but mainly california is dry so thats that

120 degree summers :money_mouth_face:


Haha, my bad, Jigglypuf is pink


Bugs suck. Even in this game.


For a bug event, I’m not seeing many bug type Pokemon. I’d like to see Scyther, but I haven’t seen one yet.


Bug event? I’m seeing all but bug types…


I’m not seeing many Bug types. Niantic rarely seem to get the ratio between more spawns and saturation right.


Yesterday I had evolve 2 pidgey quests, but only had 1 pidgey to evolve and pidgey was extremely rare.

I’m in a coastal regional city.


Nice… is it LA ? :nerd_face:


Wish, I’m in Australia.


Forgot :joy:


I only see 1% of bug type today, also not even one Pidgey, this is buggy :man_facepalming:


Just caught first Pidgey of today :man_facepalming: