Normal Types: Are they useless?


Not all normal types are useless,but some of them are.


Normal types are useless at least in PvE tnx to the great importance of Type Effectivenesses and STAB. Maybe some have potential in PvP (Wigglytuff maybe?), but that’s about it.


I like Snorlax, probably one of the strongest normal type pokemon’s out there


I like Snorlax just to put in as Gym defenders when I run out Slaking


And I like Machamp (and when released Conkeldurr) to work both out really fast.


Machamp is awesome. I use him to beat Tyranitar all the time, and I think he will be good for Darkrai


He will be the best against Darkrai.


not once Conkeldurr is released. Stronger and bulkier.


Agree, but Darkrai will be released when Conkeldurr isn’t yet. So Machamp will still be the ebst against Darkrai.