No pokestop in Rural area of India/World need help Niantic!


I had been into pokemon go since the day it launched. Then the geo-location block… waited… after all this things the news came on a wednesday the game release. I had opened the account again. Played it for till this day no pokestop in my area. I travelled a lot for the game. But, only level up to 27 and still i never seen a pokestop in my area nor any spawn area … it is too sad to see a potential game is been wasted like this. Please atleast give level 30+ players to add new pokestop and gym. This game is revolving around this too thing…
Or u can release PvP
What the point to hold on to the game when they hav no response to our request.
Even i didnt got any legendary due to long travell to attent a raid with group of friends … If you see this post niantic please give a offical reason 4 hold on to the game to rural players…
Or if u have any powr to get this news to niantic please do this for us…


I live in a small town which is in West Bengal, India. In my town not a single pokestop or gym is located, the nearest pokestop is located in the next town which is 1 hr drive form my town and it’s the only pokestop in that town, it’s not possible for me to visit it every day so I’m always out of pokeballs after 2 or 3 days. I’m sure you are able to understand the problem I’m facing, it takes me 1hr to go to the pokestop then I have to stay at the pokestop for 1 or 2 hrs so that I could collect the pokeballs then it takes me another 1hr to get back home in total 3 to 4 hrs. The closest gym is 3hr drive from my town which is totally impossible for me to visit so no pokecoins for me. Now only when I go to a big city I’m able to collect items and pokecoins as there are countless pokestops and gyms all over the city which is very unfair distribution of the pokestops and when I get back home I feel very frustrated to see no pokestops in my town. When the game came out in India a lot of players joined the game but later left due to the missing pokestops, there are a lot of pokemon go players in my town who are not able to play the game properly because there is no pokestop and I also know a lot of guys form my town those who used to play now have uninstalled the game, the only reason behind it is “no pokestop”. I also play ingress right now I’m at lv 4 but it’s very difficult to level up in ingress as there are no portals near by, the closest one is 40 km away which is not even in West bengal. Even if there are no pokestops I can level up in pokemon go by catching pokemons right now I’m at lv 24 in pokemon go but in ingress there is nothing to do except for recharging the captured portals and it gives only 10AP per resonator which is very less to level up. So for me it’s gonna take a long time to reach lv 12 and add a portal which will then turn into a pokestop. To be honest I’m not interested in playing ingress, it’s not as fun and exciting as pokemon go. The Niantic guys should find an alternative and easy way to add more pokestops to the rural areas and when these missing pokestops gets added to the game I’m sure those pokemon go players who have left will come back to the game.


Thanks for sharing your story too… share the topic and let niantic know about us… and response offically to the problem 4m thr side… share


The only way to get new stops and gyms in your area is to use Niantic’s operation Portal Recon program for Ingress. If you add portals on Ingress, they may also appear in Pokémon GO. So maybe if your situation doesn’t improve, you should ask any local Ingress players or even try it yourself to add more stops.


Operation recon is not portal adding process. It is the process of accepting old portal request. They don’t accept any new pokestop request.

Even opr is for 12+ agents. If u played ingress u can understand that game is revolv around the portal. No portal means hard to level up. I had been playing ingress too… no luck only reachd lvl 5… even thaugh… what is the point. #niantic is not accpting any reqest… i need pokestop nt portal… if u can please share this to niantic… make then replay to our request offically… if they are a responsible developers they will respond…


This is from Niantic’s support site:

"How do I create a new PokéStop or Gym
Please note, we are currently not accepting submissions for new PokéStops or Gyms.

If you are having trouble finding PokéStops or Gyms near you, please try visiting a local park or other interesting or historical locations in your community."

Asking them won’t help, apparently.


Ya I agree with you asking them is a waste of time. I thought this was the site to reach them out but it’s not. I guess they are too busy with the legendaries and Europe festival I don’t think they are gonna pay any attention to what ever we say on this website.


There are no portals near my location so I can not level up fast and as there are no portals nobody plays ingress in my town.


Pokemon go hub also doesn’t care… they focus on putting add in pages… Even single youtuber is not addressing this… thy r all ignoring…



This page is not changed from the beginning of the game bro… 1 year passed… if u r in my situation what will u do?


I know your situation is unfortunate, but you are not alone. This has been a problem with the game since the start. Urban players have always had an advantage over rural players. What needs to happen is Niantic needs to implement a solution that would help ALL rural players around the world. Perhaps letting PO:GO players level 30+ add stops, or partnering with more businesses to get more sponsored stops. There is nothing just a few players can really accomplish at the moment. All we can do is make these kind of suggestions to Niantic to improve the game on a worldwide scale for everyone, especially rural players. Just be patient. My area is not very populated, but we occasionally get new stops and gyms. I’m not sure if it was from OPR or what, but it does happen. So just keep watching your area, and know that your situation is not unique, it is widespread.


I found a 1 new pokestop 20+ km from my home… one?? WTH … @Niantic we don’t need opr we play Pokemon Go not Ingress.


They just cannot be bothered to invest in repurposing OPR for Pokemon Go players. We all need to be high level Ingress players apparently.


Dark side of pokemon!!! World ignoring…


PLS nintic Plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss add pokemon gyms and pokestops in india