No Lucky Pokémon for PTC Child Account?😭


Why niantic,why…:cry::sob:
So annoying


cant you catch them wild?


No idea probably not because its Niantic


PTC is the gift that just keeps giving.


Yeah…I first thought why the children are playing on the add, because they should not be able to trade…then I noticed only the adults play…
PTC accounts are penalized again…
I just hope Celebi missions do not include anything with trading or making friends…


No you can’t find them in the wild. Got “news” this morning and that stated that it’s traden only. :tired_face:

Lucky Pokémon details


Niantic does never care about Kid Accounts
They ruined the game for me now.


Kid accounts? What is that?


Accounts under the age of 13 I think. They literally can’t add friends or trade.


Or see sponsored pokestops and gyms. I don’t really get it. I’m worried that Niantic will make one of the special quests “Trade 5 Pokemon”, if trading doesn’t work for these accounts. It’s the same reason why “Defeat 10 legendary raids”, “spin 100 unique Pokestops”, etc don’t work because they exclude part of the community.


Honestly they have received real backlash because of kids not being able to trade so doubt they would include it as part of one of the main quests (though has been added as a field research quest).


That’s kind of retarded. :man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:

Why would you even be honest about your age if it’s so damn restricted.

The Pokemon company targeted young kids under the age of 13 with there tradingcards. So I don’t see why thy have too restrict it now.

Lucky Pokemon are Here! Discussion

things change in 20 years. To release a game (any game for that matter) developers need to comply with local regulations. For PoGo this was no sponsoring under 13. I know Kevin IRL, when he made his account these rules were not known and many people were afraid to create an account using their google account.

not being able to see sponsored stuff is 1 thing, but now players are being denied a major part of the (new) content: friends, trading and now lucky pokemon.


It’s because of the EU’s under-13 privacy rules.


Its not their fault, its because of the laws (I thought they were American laws tho?)
And lucky mons dont really change anything


Those privacy laws state you can’t trade? Then kids under 13yo should not be aloud to buy tradingcards. Idiot’s in the EU… Making laws when drunk is never a good idea.:man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:


Its a bit more complicated then that…


it’s just not right how it is right now. That kids can’t buy with real world money is the only functionalrestriction. Don’t see any function in all other limitations.


Does anyone have the same problem?

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They made something for the parents.Its a list.The parents could vote.They dont do Anything with it…:frowning: