No gift? deleting friend


I understand there is a limit to gifting. BUT, if i notice i never ever get any from you, your getting deleted. My list is toooo long and i cant be sending and not recieving.

I’ll try my best to rotate between who is high friend levels and who’s new friends with me.

Just an FYI if i vanish off your list.


haha like .1 % of people stay on hub (the people that give codes)


I guess im going on deletion spree. :smiling_imp:


Yesss bring it onnn


I use to send and receive from the bottom up, but got sick of clicking on 50 accounts just to find 10 I could send to. Now I send top down (most active players)and receive bottom up (casual players).


I try to always give my top 5 then try and start from bottom. Also names i notice often i try to send.


Yeah I was wondering what methods everyone uses for gifting. I just started adding friends yesterday and it quickly got overwhelming! I barely got a gift sent to everyone on my list last night. Today…not even close, although I really tried! I’m worn out, LOL. But I don’t want anyone to feel left out. I’ll be back at it in the morning before work! :upside_down_face:


I send but you still have not open



Gifting everyone in your list on a daily basis is insane and noone does that (if you have the max 200 or close)

i try to send at least 20 gifts out each day, some day are higher, some are less (I don’t play 5 hours each day, just ~2 and try to be productive in that time and gifitng is just one of the many things that i have to do, so often i haved 10 gifts and still keep spinning stops)
I gift sorted by friendship level, name, nickname and if they gifted me. That way i can do the the ~top 20 of each on a daily basis.

I have a more strict opening of gifts policy. I only open just before the reset and only gifts people have send me over 2 days before and haven’t had points that day. Most days i have like 25 gifts that meet that criteria so some miss out but i get those next day. This prevents me from favoring some friends and ignoring others. Everyones gifts gets opened in 3 days this way and none gets left out :smile:
I also keep some gifts that i can send to some people whos gift i open if they are lower in the friendlist levels / close to leveling up to speed things up. It’s the lower level ones that mostly get forgotten otherwise.


I only open if i can send. Sometimes i can’t open so i wait. Idk how i did it but i sent or recieved everyone yesterday and today, waiting for some people to open. Not sure if ill be able to gift anymore today.

There should be a counter that lets you know how much you can still open/send to keep track.


I envy the people that live on a stop or gym and can spin all day for gifts. i wish i had that so my friendlevels would go faster


I have 11 friends, 1 on deletion nomination. I totally understand. I’m pretty patient, but after opening 3 gifts and not giving back…

I’m not bothered by someone that gifts once a week, but give a damn gift back I you received one!!!
I totally understand @5GodLink. And I just have 11 friends…


Exactly. To-date i have only deleted two people and those were personal reasons. I am just starting to notice some people never gift back …ever or atleast to the point i don’t believe they gifted me.

I’m fine with people not opening mine for a while, i get everyone is busy.


I only send people a gift if 1. I can send them one, 2. if we haven’t had our friendship level go up that day (no blue circle), and 3. I haven’t received a gift from that person yet that day.

The only exception to this rule is if I have opened 20 gifts already and have friends who have sent me a gift, but our friendship can’t go up without sending one.


I only have 20 friends meaning I can easily send everyone a daily gift but it’s so annoying when other people don’t open theirs for days on end so for that reason 2 or 3 people have been deleted.


Agreed. I have people that have not opened a gift from me in over a month and they get upset that I would even consider removing them.

Many of these players don’t play regularly, so their gifts would keep building each day and I guess I don’t rate highly enough to get a gift opened in their 20.

I don’t know why Niantic can’t raise the cap to 50. Would solve a lot of problems.

Also we should be able to store 50 gifts at a time so that we only need to send at the end of the day and not interrupt our gameplay trying to work out who we can send to.


i’d much rather see the sorting of friends also be available in reverse.

Not just sort from a - z, but also from z- a,
not just friendship level high - low, but also low - high

this would help a lot when it comes to not ignoring lower placed friends.


Those ideas would both improve the gifting scenarios. I legit scroll up and down.

I would also like a search function.


some of your ‘‘friends’’ might have 200 ‘‘friends’’ and barely any time to play. so… keep that in mind. also, you should only delete someone if they won’t even open your first gift or something like that. and how sick of a person can someone be to check their friend list of 100-200 people and know of each one that ‘‘this guy didn’t open my gift for 5 days’’ or something like that…if you’re one of those people, you seriously need to get a life LOL