No announcement but pokecoins got cheaper today


The cheapest lot - 100 coins - is still priced the same as yesterday, but all others are cheaper by 20% or more…
Without any announcements?.. Strange from marketing point of view…


Cool. Temporary, I assume.


Still the normal price here. I think its only in the galaxy store. Not the play store or Apples store. Galaxy store does that more often.


I think it was announced with a in store message in the Galaxy store. If I remember correctly it lasts until the 6th of November.

(PS: can’t check, don’t have a Samsung)


Great. Enjoy. Not even going to look, because I wouldn’t use my Samsung Account for fun, fame, or fortune – let alone a measly 20% savings on Pokécoins.


Oh same. I got PoGO via the Play Store with Gmail account, and ive got no intention to switch at the moment.


Never bought coins. I’ve been content with my 50 a day just killing gyms.