Nicknaming Friends, And Gifts New Value


@Cup Bay area, about 6 hours from me is verrry good to! Unfortunately I could not play at the HQ or pier 39.


What the HQ


The Niantic Headquarters is at San Francisco (Or you could call it the bay area)!


I see is it a stop or a gym


No idea, didn’t play there. I took a picture of my GO Plus in front of it… Would expect more than one stop/gym there it’s a Famous building


@cup Niantic tweeted a video that showed it, about a month ago


So that’s where Pokemon are made wow and where my money goes lol


What do you spend your money on? Boxes, raid passes?


A little bit of everything mainly incubators


Wrong place😂


Lol. Somewhat South of there right?


funny how a distance of 45km or 100km can be too much in Dutch standards, whereas people in the US are thousands of miles apart.
I can still remember being in Anaheim at Blizzcon a few years back thinking Las Vegas was around the corner. Which in US-terms kinda is (400km IIRC). But if i travel that same distance in in the Netherlands i end up 3 countries away.


I can’t see now but it is less (or maybe more) than 45 km. Brobraam used the wrong place. :sweat_smile:


I live in TN! Small world.


Coming to Nashville TN on friday…


I’ll be in North Carolina a week from Saturday. But still a long way from Nashville.


Fuel is outragely expansieve here.


3.00 a gallon here…


We think fuel is bad here, but what we pay for a gallon, most of the rest of the world pays that for a liter.


But i usally walk with my mother she also plays but she is lvl 36 amd started 1 year later