Nicknaming Friends, And Gifts New Value


Blocking ‘dumb’ and ‘stupid’ seems a little excessive. :rofl:


Lol. I’m a solo player, my family used to play and quit shortly after the friends update…


I started playing the game last year when raids were introduced and immediately met other players at legendary raids. Our Whatsapp group has been slowly growing ever since. Now with the friendship update, we have tons of new low-level players in town and new people joining the group at almost every raid. There are so many players here that it’s getting harder and harder to get coins, because some gyms change color every couple of minutes and the rest still several times per day. :rofl:

Do you prefer to play solo or are there no other players in your area?


I’m a soloer to, and for me the reason is because I don’t know anybody in my city. :disappointed_relieved:
I always look for PoGoers, but I don’t see them. That’s the problem.


No one near me most likely. Would like to come to were you live as there is a active player base. When the game came out it was nice as there was a group of 30 people sitting in chairs at a area with four stops in range. Now there is two stops, as of December 2016, so everyone quit😂


That sounds bad. I’ve met the people in my group at legendary raids and we’re still meeting new people there. Does no one show up for raids in your area?


I play with one family member. No one to really go to raids with so we do small raids. Have only 4 friends.


I’ve seen 2 groups when I was at a legendary raid.


Are you old enough to drive @Jormdeworm? Then you could do discord.


And then?
I don’t understand how Discord works🧐


You find a group near where you live. They say where a raid is.
You go to the raid. You don’t even have to go to them all. Just go to the ones near yoh.


Hmm… I could try out…


Do you live near @Punica or @Kevin_v_Hoften or @Robdebobrob ? I’m pretty sure they have raid groups…


I wish I lived in the Netherlands with all of you guys… :confused:


Closest is @Brobraam I think, but still not really close.


The closest person to me is @Cup I think


What state you live in Bosslap


California. But I’m flying to Nashville on Friday!:wink:
You must like BossLap alot…:joy:


Lol yea have you ever been to the Santa Monica Pier there I see a lot about that place


Over 10 times. It’s where I got my Groudon and other legendaries besides ones from quests. Good spawns and it’s always lured. 45 minutes from me!