Nicknaming Friends, And Gifts New Value


When I updated my game today I was faced with the grueling task of nicknaming all of my 35 friends. I finished this, realizing how important gifts are now. If a trainer opens 10 gifts a day, that gives him xp and stardust! All without catching a Pokemon or spinning a stop. What is your thoughts about these?


You can rename friends already damn I got a 136 friends it’s going to be a long day lol


I have 200 friends, so I’m not renaming them all. I have them sorted by friendship level now. Because my list got jumbled up, I have to start over from top of list also. So if you are my friend and don’t get anything for a little while, this is why. I will eventually get to you, because I’ll go through whole list before starting over again.


What about gift’s new value everyone?


Howmuch xp then i know if i need to add friends


I guess it’s 100, 200 or 500.


So, did anyone get stardust from a gift already? I opened quite few of these today, still not any stardust. Is it even enabled yet?


Friday will be the drop date for luckys most likely and maybe gifts will be buffed then to.


please no buff for gifts! increasing the max allowed opening of gifts yes, not the content of gifts.
It’s already annoying enough to open 20 and having to make space at least 2 times


Well they are getting buffed. You get so when you send them and stardust when you get them.


What needs to be increased is the amount of gifts you can store in your inventory. 10 is not enough. I thought that this change might have come with the update, since stored gifts can now be discarded, but I didn’t get more than ten gifts from pokestops today.


If you can store 20 then it wouldn’t make sense to take no bag storage.


Fun fact concerning the nicknames: You’re blocked from using offensive language in English, German and French. :rofl: I just found this out, because me and a friend of mine wanted to give each other ‘nice’ nicknames as a joke. Works perfectly in Russian, though. :rofl:

I’d be interested in knowing which languages have a block on swearwords and which don’t. :face_with_monocle:


I tried to name someone “dumb blond” but dumb is blocked.


Stupid is the new f word


Good point. I temporarily forgot that they don’t take up bag space. I would, however, prefer them to take up inventory space while being able to collect as many as I want like with all the other items.


I like how they take no space… I have enough items already!:rofl:


Yes, I know the problem. I’m constantly complaining about my lack of inventory space. :rofl: But still, I’d prefer to be able to collect more gifts and store them. Would come in handy when I’m in the city with lots of pokestops. In my town, it takes hours to collect gifts for 70 people. :rofl: I’d rather throw away some pokeballs.


I have 32 friends and only send gifts to about 25 of them so it’s not impossible. 70 would be a stretch for me…


50 of mine are from my local raid group and we send gifts frequently to level fast for trading and raid boni. The other twenty are from other countries and many neither open my gifts nor send me gifts. But it’s still 50-60 gifts every day. It’s a lot of work to get them. My town has an almost ridiculous amount of players but few pokestops and gyms.