Nickname Limit


Anyone know why there is a limit on changing nicknames daily?


Could you provide a little more context, please? Are you referring to nicknames in GoHub? If you’re talking about nicknames in Pokémon Go, do you mean in the main game or in the friend system?

By changing daily, were you doing it once a day? Did you do it more than once on any of the days? Did you stop for a day or more? (And if so, did it let you change any more at all after that stop, or did it let you change again?)

And ultimately: how many daily changes was its limit?

(I’d love to know, too, because I changed my nickname in the game in 2018, the next day decided the new name was worse and changed to something else, and again a third and fourth day - after which I didn’t reconsider again for two days, but couldn’t find the button any more and wondered whether it would have let me keep changing daily ad infinitum if I hadn’t paused like that…)


Sorry, I was a bit vague, my bad :see_no_evil:

In the PoGo Friends section you can set nicknames for each friend, but you can only make 20 changes per day. I wondered why this was.


Ah, thank you for the clarification.

Having changed nicknames for friends, you already have more experience with that than I do. I won’t presume to answer, but will watch for an answer and learn…


I don’t think there’s a limit Unless its new when I 1st started getting friends I was adding 40 or 50 A-day with nicknames


The limit had been here all time

Don’t know though why there’s a limit


Don’t even have 20 friends, but also never heard of it. :man_facepalming:

But did you mean 20 changes on 1 friend or just 20 in general?


20 in general. I’d understand (kinda) if it was 20 per friend per day but it’s just across the board twenty nickname changes a day.

I believe it’s changes and not the initial adding of nicknames. For example if you wanted to add a nickname to all friends on the same day I think you’d be okay. I believe it’s only an issue when trying to change their existing nickname.


Thanks for sharing.

I took a look around and found this:
The Silph Road Reddit - The theory someone came up with is the protection against bot/human attack on the servers by overloading.
Stackexchange - Here is mentioned that the cool down is about 2 hours.


Ah thanks, so it’s not a daily limit like I thought then. Thanks!


I’m curious, and I wonder whether you’d be willing to share, what functional use there might be to change friend nicknames every day, for even one friend?

I can imagine using the nickname to remember the human name or Discord ID - a one time change, mostly. Or to keep track of the last time a ‘friend’ actually opened one of my gifts (to be able to keep the friend list pruned of ones who are no longer active friends). :thinking: But not ordinary nicknames (like “JJ” to “John” to “Johnny” to “MasterRaider” to “CoolShiny”) every day.


I’d love to use nicknames to keep track of when I was last able to send someone a gift so that I can see who should be deleted to make room for new people. This nickname limit gets in the way though.

This of course would only be applicable to people who are either casuals, don’t open gifts every day, or I’m not on their priority list for opening my gifts to them (e.g. if they work from best friends down to newest*)

*I personally favour working from lowest level friends first to highest last as this allows a natural cycle to occur so that I’m not always opening from the same people. This is a topic for another thread though.


Yep. Maybe there ought to be a thread for it?


As long as the person gets help does it really matter of what thread is in


I’ll would put this thread in the help desk category. (But somehow I can’t do that anymore???)
It is an useful thread and easier to find there.


Personally I rename friends to the amount of days left to level up. As it’s twenty per two hours it works well as you can only open twenty gifts a day. This week that limit has been 30 gifts a day so I’ve struggled, but it’s sorted now.

It means I can keep an eye and open up gifts in bulk to crack open a lucky egg and benefit from the double xp.


Just tested the theories and found that can change the nickname of friends once every hour. The hour resets at the top of the hour and may need a few minutes once all 20 have been completed. A completed 20 consists of 20 nicknames changed included changing a friend’s nickname more than once, each change is counted. I have found waiting until 5 minutes after the hour and completing by 15 minutes until the hour allows for consistency. If you complete too close to the hour you may need to wait until the next hour.


The reason why I change names is to denote how many days until the next friendship type is complete. When adding a friend in Pokémon Go there are four levels: Good, Great, Ultra, and Best; and require 1, 6, 23, and 60 days respectively to complete. I name 001 with one day remaining through 060 with 60 days remaining. I concentrate on giving gifts to those with a week or less remaining and open gifts based on highest friendship level to lowest. I hope this helps.


@Sridanoc Exactly what I do :smiley: