Niantic's April Fools Joke


Niantic have changed the graphics as an april fools joke :smiley:

Its like this in news, pokedex, nearby and pokemon


I need this…


Here in Europe it’s still March 31


I hope they give us an option to keep it. I like it the same as normally but some of my friends have strong opinions either way


More than 5 hours to go


No he says the post of GOhub is no Aprils fool joke
April fools*


already happened here on the east coast of the USA. cool joke though


It’s actually in the game, but it is a joke


you do have to give them credit as much as people analyze everything they do, nobody caught onto this one ahead of time.


It’s funny, I like it


I don’t like it because it’s out of my structure and Shinies don’t have different colours. I don’t transfer Pokémon now, because I know that I’m going to transfer a shiny now.


Shinies still have the three-star symbol next to them
And you cant even select a shiny to begin with


Oh my bad haha but I still hate the 8-bit sprites


Same in USA


“chunky squares” “realistic detail” … har. If the graphics today weren’t so precisely the opposite of their description, it might not be so clearly a joke.


THE BAN A bigger joke.


Only a joke if it happened for using IV checkers… if your spoofing you’ve firstly broke the terms and conditions which you’ve agreed to, secondly are making the game less fun for others (both the social aspect and if you use it for getting high ivs or taking gyms) and thirdly your missing the whole point of altered reality games and you may as well play the console games…if you’ve been banned without that it’s sucks and you shouldn’t have been but if not you only have yourself to blame :slight_smile:


You can be banned for catching to many pokemon…


Ok guys. Joke’s over. Now put it back so I can see what I’m doing. Truthfully, it looks like crap and I’m not doing any transfers/evolutions because I can’t see which pokemon is what.

Put it back…please


How can you not tell the difference…they not scribbles lol.