Niantic Support: Violation warning will be lifted after duration of time (i suppose shadowban will too)


I found this on rediit and this willhelp some shadowban people .
As long as you’re abiding by the Pokémon GO Terms of Service and the Pokémon GO Trainer guidelines, there should not be any reason for concern.
Please note that once an account is flagged for having used unauthorized third-party applications, it will continue to receive the warning message for a duration of time regardless of any corrective measures.
Becca Niantic Support
So this is good news i think. The ‘duration of time’ could be the 8-10 days we have heard before. But the warning (and shadowban i suppose) will be lifted. This is a confirmation by Niantic.


I wonder what niantic are up to? They wouldn’t do this for no reason.


wonder how what happens on subsequent infarctions of the terms hmm


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