Next legendary?


What do you think next legendary would be?(Latios/ias will be goin away on June 5)

  • Regi trio
  • Celebi
  • Jirachi
  • Deoxys
  • The legendary dogs return
  • I dont know

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I think Regis as I believe that after the legendary birds thy will put the dogs in research breakthroughs. Since Celebi, Jirachi and Deoxys are mythical, I would expect them in quests too, or maybe even ex raids. But who knows?


Regis 3 on June 6 along with Normal and shiny Rayquaza


Well that depends on whether or not they are going by Pre-Gen VI rules. With Pokemon ORAS Deoxys became legendary and no longer mythical. I’d say maybe Celebi or Jirachi as the next Mythical research and Deoxys the new EX Raid?


I’d love to see them all as a Special Research reward, like Mew.

But however, I expect the Golems to be the new bosses, or perhaps the first gen IV legendaries.


Rayquaza would make people raid them like crazy
Maybe go for a weather mon+regi for one month each pair?
Like shiny Groudon+Regirock for July, shiny Kyogre+Regice for August, shiny Rayquaza+Registeel for september


Regis all the way. Jirachi, celebi and maybe, just maybe deoxys will be through special research this summer.


Jirachi, Celebi, and Deoxys will be Special research like Mew. I bet Celebi will be next as soon as we are done with Articuno for Field Research. Probably to coincide with Go Fest.


Rant/besserwisser mode:

The legendary BEASTS are not dogs, they are cats. Entei is a guardian lion, Raikou is a sabre-toothed tiger and Suicune is a cheetah.


@NilsWeinander, you may be correct with the cats, but in a lot of posts in this forum (I found 25 different topics about “legendary dogs”) they have been called dogs. So, please, don’t try to be more correct than the pope…


I’m gonna call them dogs from now on.


I’m thinking Suicine, Entei and Raikou will be Field Research rewards, Celebi will be next Special Research reward with Deoxys to either run alongside or replace Mewtwo as EX Raid


A good and posible group of five. Really Mewtwo is now old enough to be changed, and what a better moment to do it with changing field and special investigation.

But what happens with players still stuck in the special investigation? (maybe not enough Magikarp-Candies?) Will they go on, or loose everything and they have to start again with the new one?


the next special research will follow this easily predictable route:

  • Mew is quest 1 through 8
  • “next mythical”/Celebi is quest 9 through 16

got no mew? then you get no Celebi. Finish Mew questline, thén you can start on the next one.

OT: next legendaries will be regi trio (hope not), all at once (I hope).
We just got Ho-Oh back for a month, i don’t expect another previous once so fast, even more with research breakthrough being the birds allready and most likely tghe beasts next.


I personally am starting to more and more thinke the regis wont be in raids at all. They’ve brought back Kyogre back, and it could be that they are quest-exclusive


I guess, they just need to recycle some of the old legendaries because they have released them all just too quickly. And let’s be honest - we love that they add the shiny on re-release, right? The Regis are the last legendaries available in the 3 generations that are out now, and then - what’s next? So they are just playing for time…


The Regitrio are the 3 Legendaries that no one cares about. Might as well release them as quests because I don’t see many people buying boxes to get them. They are sort of a one and done type deal.


Well, I guess it’s Kyogre…


I can say damn sure the next legendary is repeated one with shiny variant… Niantic is in loss so they doing this stupid events and throwing 2 new shinies on you guys faces…Omanyte,Kabuto and shelter, Kyogre and Ho-oh


Oh wow, they are doing events that people like for money