Next legendary raid

  • Legendary birds
  • Lengendary dogs
  • Hoho
  • Kyogre
  • Groudon
  • Rayquaza

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Wanted to do a poll but what do people think will be in legendary raids after the Regi trio personally want kyogre birds, or dogs or hoho as don’t have them.

  • Mewto
  • Mew
  • Other
  • Celebri
  • Jiroxi
  • Gen 4 (specify in comments)

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Second one only for if picked the one with gen 4 mewto celebri other one.


Other please specify


are you aware that we don’t know that the regi trio is next, that’s pure speculation.


Yes just most likely can change to next legendary raid if you prefer not to be rude Or anything


I wasn’t trying to be rude, I just didn’t know if you thought the Regis were confirmed or not


*legendary beasts, not dogs
And why not the Regi Trio? Makes a lot more sense than a Gen 4 Mon


That’s for Pokémon Ultra Sun, Ultra Moon, Sun, and Moon. They’ve been giving out different legendaries each month. It’s completely unrelated to Pokemom Go unfortunately


I think Niantic is going to keep cycling through the Legandary Birds over the next two Months. Moltres, is the current reward for completing a weeks worth of field research. I predict Zap and Arti will be available for field research next but not available in raids until later this summer. Legendary Dogs were rotated around the Globe for 3 Months during a high travel time (Aug 31st- NOV 1st). For that reason I foresee them coming back but not next. When Latios and Latias switch regions on May 8th the question is are we going to see Niantic implement another Raid Boss to keep its core base of trainers raiding? I think they will, but I have a suspicion that bigger things are in the works than adding another raid boss in Q2. With maps, bots, scanners, etc down Niantic should capitalize on creating their own in game map of nearby raids. Most likely we’ll get the regis as a concellation prize as not too many people I’ve spoken too about their release are all too excited for them.


I think the regis will pop up during the summer/fall (June-October) due to the high travel rate as @SCArsenalGunner said. I also think that they’ll make it either rotating like the legendary beasts or for a limited time like the birds. With celebi and jirachi as special quests like Mew. Possibly having Deoxas as an EX raid


I still need Ho-Ho. Groudon was my first Legendary.


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