[NEWS] “This summer will be legendary” – Archit Bhargava (Niantic) during the Webby award!



Niantic’s Archit Bhargava has shared probably the most important 5 words of his life. During the Webby awards ceremony, in his 5 words long acceptance speech he said: this summer will be legendary!

Bhargava is a MARKETING LEAD at Niantic, so this was not an accident or mistake. This is a marketing lead for everyone watching the awards - investors, players, reporters. What a day! :smile:

All aboard the hype train!


I’m excited! Would this be an extra or 1 of the 4 major updates?



My guess would be that this would coincide with the Pokemon GO first-year anniversary celebration. :smiley:


@pikasaur Not sure, the anniversary is coming up really fast, but it’s possible. @Chaos when they talked about this earlier, they used to say 4 updates and we’ll see more legendary pokemon this year


Perfect! The only thing is now, how the legendaries will appear, in raids as a sort of end-boss, freeing the birds as in the pokemon movie with orbs or stuff. Either way, HYPE!


Legendaries cannot be obtained that easily. Defeating it as a group or single would be a better go. The point is which legendary is gonna be available??


I worry that there will be events di there will be for big cities and major countries first. Hope it will be globally at once!


Well, given that almost all of the events so far were worldwide and global, surely the hunt for Legendaries will be global also


Last year lots of people were expecting legendaries to be exclusively spawn at specific area where people need to attend and maybe get get ticket or register or something like that. But that was before all the events coming so maybe but uhm still.
With all the code voucher redemption it could be well fit for that idea? I love that the idea of people gathering together at an event like that. But my country isn’t a fan of the game so they won’t collaborate I think. Anyway I’m just overthinking don’t mind me :stuck_out_tongue:


My hype for Zapdos cannot be contained! Now the bigger question… which legendaries will be released? :open_mouth:


I’m not that convinced since the last “save your candies”. I think now that they know we know that they are listening the community better they do things like this just to get more free hype publicity. It’s pretty smart actually from a marketing standpoint.


I teach marketing irl, and I can tell you that this Google-breakaway group does not seem to know how to manage the viral F2P phenomenon, at least during the first 8 months. Sure, they had moderate success with Ingress. But they controlled the pace and destiny of Ingress. But not entirely with the Pokemon GO.

So say they deliberately string on the base to draw out hype. Well, 6~7 months into the game, and more than half of the YouTuber (aka their marketing extensions) threaten to quit/move on (BenTimm, Mystic7, Reversal, Clare, MoreAliA, etc.). For more than 8 months, almost all players tell them that they need better communication, like hiring a Community Relations Manager. But no, they stick to their script of “hey, if we surprise them, they’d love it - it’s Pokemon! Can’t go wrong with that!” Well, instead of losing ~1/2 of the player base that they were gonna lose no matter what they do, they lost something like 3/4 of the player base. Some of that difference were paying customers. No matter which marketing angle you look at it, it’s massive loss in both the momentum and the revenue stream.

To ride the initial F2P hype right, you need to ride from one hype wave to the next, keep the contents rolling on a bi-weekly basis, yeah, like does quests that almost all F2P and/or MMO games do and prove that it is one of the primary ways to string on the base and keep them tethered. A success example to look at is how Warframe do bi-weekly community interactions, give out small but valuable items in-game, listen to the player base and actually ACKNOWLEDGE them, let players’ imagination participate in the game evolution, no matter how small a roll.

Ugh, don’t get me started on watching how to run the billion-dollar, genre-pioneering AR game in the worst imaginable ways in marketing…


He wasn’t allowed the “wait for it” sadly.

How will they be introduced? Called it earlier, still standing by it now. Raids. Do a lot of you know what they really are? You wouldn’t unless you’ve seen them on other games. I was into brave frontier for a while and the raids were really fun.

What it is, is co-op. A party quest to find and take down a boss. A big one. Too big, with too much power and stamina to tackle alone.

On brave frontier, a chat room would be set up by the room leader. Others would search, connect, and join, the leader has the power to eject and start the mission when everyone is ready. They didn’t have real chat. Icons like the “stickers” the new phones have. But it worked.


You took the words outta me bro. Great read, much appreciated thoughts!


If legendaries is to be the big update for summer and not PVP / trading - I’m quitting the game