News - Pokémon GO 0.111.4 update apk mine: Last Resort yes, Gen IV no



Disappointing. Niantic really should work on Gen 4 now.


They are probably trying to release gen IV.


We do need a new event soon, this one is a bit naff :expressionless:


This event is OP
Time to trade


lucky pokemon are still stupidly unreliable, dust is needed for power ups
Horible event for me


More chance for 100iv if its a lucky


Didnt know that


Luckys have same iv range as egg pokemons


Ive said they are unreliable, you only have one chance to try and get lucky on an important mon (lets say Mewtwo)
If it fails (and it did fail like 10 times so far for me) you effectively wasted a Pokemon


Trade 2016 pokemons
Or trade things like dratini and then evolve


But I dont have 15 Dratini to try to get one lucky


Uhm lol lucky rate 4 me is like 1/3


0/10 here
And 1/3 still isnt enough to call it reliable


For pokemons like dratini it is


My ratio is 0/57 so far. I have tried everything!


Thats looooow


Ya that’s low. I’m 2/2 And they were both from 2018.


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