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YES!!! •You can now remove Pokémon from your Favorites while in the trade interface

All of the news was from Community GO News.
Here is a link to him:


EX Pass sharing will be live

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well @Pokemon
changes are goooood!!!:blush:


Thank you @Gary_oak! :star_struck:


the idea of a news thread is quite cool…
anyone can find every detail of datamine here…




Only if I post it, like I just did.


well it was a good move…
everything i need in a single thread!!!


Everyone, if you have a friend near you, just invite them!

For example @Kevin_v_Hoften could invite @Punica to his raid.


You helped me out with the thread you made today :star_struck::+1:


btw it is not yet forced right??


The update is out,

at least the ex pass sharing is out.


well niantic is atlast making things interesting!!


News Round-up
new version 0.119.1

  • pokestops submission system fully added (images and network requests)
  • sharing an ex pass to a friend not already invited in the same raid
  • crabhammer move sound added
  • keckleon sound updated


We have news threads, the entire reason for them is to have conversations on those threads.