News - Moltres Day announced:Sky attack Moltres coming on september 8th


Moltres day confirmed 8 September!

This is our bird!


Yes yes,but Zapdos is still better.


I probably won’t even participate as the previous legendary days all were :sweat_smile: for me.


Although I missed Zapdos, I have an Articuno. Maybe if I can capture 2, I can trade one day for a Zapdos :slight_smile:


Article section is that way ----->


There a reason they saved Moltres for last, it reperesents Champions. I am ready for shiny Moltres.


Hahahaha :rofl:


No.They set it on number in the dex.


So you think🧐


No.It is actually true.


Better at what?


would rather burn my enemy than paralyze it.


Its stronger


No, it isn’t. Moltres has higher attack according to Bulbapedia. And Pokemon that are higher number in Pokedex are better. So, Moltres :1st_place_medal:, Zapdos :2nd_place_medal: and Articuno :3rd_place_medal:.


Nothing of that is true…




So Rayquaza is the best Pokémon of the game.:sunglasses:


Don’t twist my words, you know that I meant inside of its generation. :man_facepalming:


Gens are boarder line, it restarts every generation gap. Good try instinct always using that mind of yours🤪