News - Big Heritage hosting a special Niantic partnered event in Chester August 11/12 |



Its in Europe but I have no idea how far it is from the netherlands…


I am really annoyed about this​:rage:. I dont live too far from Chester, and if I knew about this earlier, I would have arranged to go. But since I have only just found out about the event today, I cannot go to one of the rare UK special events. I am really, really annoyed. :rage::rage::rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::rage::weary:




You going?


Ya it’s stupid of them to announce it so late.


I wanted to get the special Pokémon, meet with others and have a great time, but I really have no idea why they announced it so late


What special Pokemon? Eevee?


Well it will b if it is on community day, but I was hoping unown and/ or a regional


Ya there probably could be a rare Pokemon instead.


Ye, I think so too. Man, I wanted one of those pins.


And the other thing…


Zeroghan, do you realize in your entire article about the event about big Chester you never once started the location of the event? Yes you kept stating Big Chester. However people around the world are reading this. Not only isn’t it clear where it is, we have now idea of what continent it’s on let alone country. Yes I suppose we can look it up on the net. However isn’t that basic reporting? Do you really want people to leave your site to go get into else where?


How hard it is to type “” and then “chester”?
Besides, its not hard at all to guess where it is


Yes :hugs:! Now that I think about it, when I read the article I had no idea where Chester was, so I had to leave the article and search it up! :wink:


Same, I mean, I knew it was with me in the uk, but I had to double check