Newbie is coming



I mean, this is a person, but he is my brother. His username is Necrozma051608.
If he sees this, he’ll post something on it.
Please do not close this topic until he does.


Hi there!


@Creepika061116 is my brother, and I am new, ok? BTW, I am lvl 31


hi brudda




@Creepika061116 tell him to change is profile pic :joy:


This is new :joy:

Gonna be fun.

Only other instance is @bobbyjack8 and @Jaxxon8 but jaxxon is not online :wink:




What’s up buddy welcome to the hub


Welcome to the Pokemon Go Hub.




Welcome! Have fun!


Brudda have a good time here


My son is Jaxxon8. He is soooo busy playing other games, he still has to feed like 70 berries still in stage 1 of Spritbomb quest.


He won’t go on here often. but I still got him.
Anyone want his friend code? He’s got lots of friend space.
On the note I added my brother, I may add my other siblings.
Although my little 8 year old sister has a Pokemon Trainer Account, she said in five years she would give me one of her 2 shiny Ho-Oh’s. :grinning::money_mouth_face::smile:


Is he playing fortnite now or minecraft


Both. At least he will be playing Lets Go Pikachu on the 16th!




My family as a kid that is about 12:
No phone
No electronics during the week
and he tried to sneak his pokemon phone to school, so he essentailly got banned from it.
Plus, we do not have a Nintendo Switch.
And, @Necrozma051608 plays Pokemon Quest and Super Smash Bros Flash 2


What is funny though:
Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee/
do come out on my 12th birthday