New spinda form and new shiny family is coming alongside Entei


It is found in the network traffic and is gonna be released alongside Entei.


@Pokemon you are the news reporter here


Thanks :smile:. Or I just look at Twitter. Even though I dont have an account


I look at Community GO News twitter, he is a guy who datamines all day, he gives lots of info :sunglasses:


Then you are the one reporting it


Yes I am his personal reporter. But he doesnt know me…


So there’s going to be a new style of Spinda I have the research test completed for him but I’m waiting for tomorrow to use it to get Entei and him


Ok maybe the research task will give the new one but I dunno


Even if it don’t it’ll still be new to me


Open the box after 1pm pst


Yeah I messed up with Raikou like that I opened it at midnight and still got Snorlax was so sad


I’d like to get 1 of each Spinda


So have fun tommorow


I’ll be happy with just one


what is all i know is we are supposed to have wingulls coming soon its two days late but wheen


Do you also know which shinies will be released?


Wingull is already here for about 10 hours now. tapped 1 from my bedroom last night before i went to sleep, instant shiny :stuck_out_tongue:

So each month a new Spinda. Better hope it really isnt used as countdown for GEN4 cause then we have a long wait ahead of us :sweat_smile:


Just saying Community Go news is incredibly unreliable, but he could be correct this time. Always wait for Chrales or Kelven91 to say something as they’re 100% legitimate dataminers


Who knows what all the Spinda research is?
+I just got my First Spinda at a park couple days ago…


“Land 3 curveballs in a row” gives you a spinda