New Round of EX Passes Topic


The next wave of Ex Passes came out this morning Thursday 19th or July for EX Raid Friday 27th July.
Our group was looking forward to the rotation switching to weekend EX Raids but Niantic in true fashion have done the unusual again.
This will be the 4th Friday Ex Raid in row.
I will have to miss this one too as a 1pm time is not suitable.


We have yet to get a Friday raid. Timing has been bad for us too, one particular member of our raid group is constantly doing small raids at ex locations over his lunch hour and they seem to trigger ex raids based on that timing.

Personally I’m looking forward to weekend raids too.


Didnt get an invite. Only raided on 1 EX-raid location this week (the most popular 1 by far this week) but there was an egg active during the invites so no pass for me :sweat:


is the theory of played time = ex raid time still up then? i totally don’t believe that sh!t because every ex raid we see or hear about is at 1 PM


I can’t say with 109% certainty but the pattern holds true here. I have seen 10 am Raids when a large raid was scheduled the day before at 9:45 am, I’ve seeb 3 pm raids where raids were happening between 2-3 pm a day or 2 prior to passes going out and I’m going to a 5:30 raid tonight where we had a large raid at 5:20 just a couple days before we got passes.

It could be coincidence but there is at least anecdotal evidence that supports the concept.


Sort off here… On weekdays theres a few in the middle of the day, but most are after work hours. But on weekends alot of raids are being done between 10 in the morning and 4 pm.


My raid group has given the time manipulation theory a fair old work out over the last 10 weeks with very mixed results leaving us still not sure how the game is picking the times.
There is a massive write up on Reddit from one of our team about Ex Raids that includes a component of this from our testing.
Sorry I don’t have a link for you.


Ok I’ve found it, if anyone is interested?
This is the Raid Group that I’m a part of triggering Ex eligible Gyms that have not previously had Ex Raids on them yet due to lack of traffic. Everyone else keeps hitting the big known ones.


Got my ex pass.


Got an ex-pass for 27th… and it´s on a gym where i caught a Manetric at 9AM on Monday. It was the only raid i did there in the last 2 weeks. Talked with a group that makes raids around that water front, they all got the pass and on other accounts they got passes for a new gym that showed up last week. May be i got lucky since that gym has a big team raiding it. The problem was that the raids where between 15-16, this one is at 13-13:45… same time than the other one where i raid, almost, everyday. (Caught an Electabuzz this afternoon.)


No EX pass for me unsurprisingly despite my 3 ex eligible gyms none have had enough activity.


Our western nc group just did the second ever ex raid in the area today(that is covering most all of western north carolina, about 4 or 5 counties, happened in sylva[ebbing, mo. Lol]). Hope to trigger another from zapdos day. It was a good time.


I’m still seeing gyms that should of given a pass last week do raids. Did the schedule get switched?


Just because you think they should have doesn’t mean they did. Might not have had enough unique raiders to trigger or got clock blocked.
We have a Park that has 5 Ex Gyms in it. For months it got 2 Ex Raids every week. The last few waves sometimes only 1 has paid up. This is due to a certain group of un desireable freals that have made Ex Raids unpleasant so a lot are staying away and won’t Raid there as they don’t want to get a Ex Pass there.
That and people have no intrest in Regice or spending passes on low Tier Raids.


Thats what i also guessed, they just never raided an activated it. Didnt even bother to solo it cause ill probably be wasting a pass.


clock blocked… I like that, giggity :smile:

but yeah, most likely that’s was the case.


Got another for August 3rd. Was bored of mewtwo but now im back at gathering mewtwo every month.


Mewtwo equals @Pokemon2 @5GodLink




Lol it mean that I like mewtwo…