New Quest system?


What time do y’all think the new Quest will start


3 hours


So about 3oclock


In less than 3 hours


Personally speaking I don’t remember reading an exact time anywhere. (Correct me if I’m wrong!)
It’s probably again 1pm PDT which is 10pm CEST, as far as I know this is the time they start most events, too. I hate this. Why can’t they do this similar to community days - 3 different times for Australia/Asia, Europe and the Americas.
Then when they say March 30th it would be March 30th for the whole world, not only for America and those in Europe who can go out that late…


Unnecessary complications, and delaying it for the west


I just hope for my daughters sake the final quest is’nt something like catch Mewtwo on thursday in extreme weather on the first ball with no berries allowed. She so wants a Mew and doesnt care about the CP or IV’s just cuz she thinks he’s cute.


Sorry to double post but does anyone know when it goes live in eastern standard time?


Probably at 4:00


thank you


I’m in texas so about 3pm then


To me in Europe it was 21:58


It’s live atleast for me. Fun to lie in bed at 00:29 and wait for morning to go play. Fun…