New Pokemon Released


Bonsly, Mime jr, cranidos, bastidon. rampardos, Ambipom (I will evolve my Aipdo) Shieldon, combee, vespiquen, Glameow, purrugly, yanmega, lickilicky, tangrowth, Happiny gallade, mamoswine, froslass


I’m very curious at how Mime Jr. is handled, since it evolves into a regional.


The evolutions missing now are
Probopass magnezone leafeon and glaceon


And technically Mamoswine, although we’ll be getting him in two weeks.


Any ideas what this is? Didn’t get there in time!! :worried:


It is a Snowy Castform and he isn’t from the latest wave of new gen IV Pokémon.


The Ambipom, Lickilicky, Tangrowth, Yanmega, and Froslass were easy, being just evolutions of pokemon we’d been collecting for ages.


Mime Jr. isn’t out yet.


Swine is out


Need mr. Mime jr.