New Pokémon during the ROCK week?


Hey guys just wondering if there’s any new Pokémon popping up for you during rock week that you didn’t have before ? For example I had never seen a shuckle before today and now I can’t go 2 steps ! Also finally got myself a larvitar in the wild which I have been unable to hatch from an egg


my first pokemon of the event was an aerodactyl.
Since then, 0 good pokemon, not even larvitars :confused:
I wonder if Niantic knows SLUGMA is a fire type pokemon, why is he popping so much? … his evolution should.


I would not say it’s new,

I got to capture this the moment I walked out of my apartment. (And I just got the update here in my region)
So that’s something. :grin:

I’m hoping to have time to walk around on the weekend. Hopefully I can get more.


Got my first shuckle

Hoping for some onix and of course larvitar

I wonder if slugmas automatically appear more because magcargo spawns are increasing…like they can’t do one without the other


I just caught a Lapras and saw my 1st Mr. Mime in a gym… not sure if the event had anything to do with either…:joy:


So far after two hours playing last night I got my first Larvitar!! Hopefully I catch enough to evolve it into a Tyranitar.`


  • Got some new ones like Shuckle, Magcargo.


Not sure what is your local biome @Goose but the event has brought an increase in spawns of all rock typed families currently in the game, including Slugma who evolves into Magcargo (fire/rock)!


Yea I have noticed a massive increase in the slugma spawns, also the most common rock spawns seem to be kabuto and geodude in my area


i need to pick up those slugmas and get the evolution


Shuckle was new for me, also the Magcargo that I got through evolution. I also now have enough candies for Steelix, but I’m still waiting for a good enough Onix to evolve.


the spawns are very frequent and relevant in my sub urbs area - i hope you get your onix ^^


Never thought I’d catch one of these!


Finally got myself an Omastar! Magcargo was nice to pick up in the wild, but already had the candies… Just hunting Larvitars for the rest of this now to get up to tyranitar


I got my first aerodactyl today …



Use megathread :slight_smile:

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