New leak? weird


other pictures also at


I already caught a chimchar.


Not talking about that


I caught a Turtwig too


Not talking about that :expressionless:


Piplup also


No no no :wink:


Bidoof? What about a Bidoof?


No no no…

@bobbyjack8 I was talking about the new moves for Chimchar and turtwig and piplup


I want a Bidoof with Solar Beam


Maybe the new moves for the starters’ final evolution?


I’m close to evolving chimchar and Piplup to the final forms but already did Turtwig.


I hope they will eventually release all of the pokemon in the wild for everyone to be able to catch 'em all :joy:


All I get from this are a few theories.

  1. Gear might be a reference to Meltan
  2. Super Balls might be a new ball?
  3. Stockpile a new move? Doubtful
  4. Minimize? Doubtful


Also the new moves.

Btw this is the apple store writing it


O, wut r they, I couldn’t c it


Doesnt sound so official
Super Balls are Great Balls I think