New in v0.153.0: Gen V, VS Seeker, Route Maker, Unova Stone, Buddy V2 System, Competitive Play and more


(Hopefully there is a fix for the batterydrain and a 1000 extra itemspace…)

Pokémon Go new features or updates expected in 2019

Niantic has been busy I see.


I hope they fix the batterydraining. it is really bad in 0.151.0


not bad on my android devices. Seems my batteries are draining at the usual rate.


Strangely if i use any other game the drain is way lower. There is a big drain noticeble. it was instantly after the 0.151.0 update.


Welp, still waiting for the moves


0.153.0 is available for me in the store.


Waiting to see if it appears in the App Store tomorrow. I’m stoked for Unova, and that it more or less happened when I predicted after adjustment (I predicted it would be in September if the summer was to be dominated by returning Legendaries instead of the Lake Trio.)


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