New Glitch: How to cheese the berry missions



Hello, recently i discovered a new glitch, this glitch allows you to complete various berry quests much faster, below is a will walk you through the glitch and how other glitches that might come soon.

First enter an encounter with any wild or mission spawned Pokemon (It is better if the Pokemon is rarer). Give it a berry then leave the encounter, you should get 1 point on your mission, then rejoin the encounter and throw any poke-ball at the Pokemon( works better if it is a poke-ball). Instead of aiming for the the ring, try to hit as far from the circle while still hitting the Pokemon, then hope you don’t catch it(this is why it works better with rare Pokemon). The berry mark should be removed from the Pokemon, now leave the encounter, join back and give them another berry, you repeat this as many times as you can and every time the counter for the mission will go up

If you do this on a mission spawned Pokemon, you can continue on your day moving around while still doing the glitch, i recommend using ninab berries since they don’t increase catch rate and are pretty common. This means you can do the “use 103 berries to help catch a Pokemon” mission with ONE Pokemon. Making it much quicker and easier to do this mission and ones like it.

How the glitch works

The glitch works by confusing the game with encounters. To get the mission point you don’t actually have to catch the Pokemon with a berry activated, you have to end the encounter with a berry activated, and as far as i can tell, there are 3 ways of ending an encounter. 1: Pokemon runs away, 2: You run away, 3:You catch the Pokemon. once you get the point for leaving with the berry active, when you rejoin the encounter the mission availability resets meaning you can get rid of the berry and reset the encounter, once you reset the encounter the cycle repeats.

These techniques and facts could be used later on to pave the way for more glitches.


It’s not a glitch. It still counts if you use a berry and the Pokemon flees. It tells you to use a berry to help catch the Pokemon. The next stage you actually have to catch 108 Pokemon.


Follow the instructions, if YOU run away after the berry activated then continue you can use the same pokemon many times for multiple mission points. You never actually have to catch said pokemon


I never bothered to try that because I didn’t have a problem encountering that many monsters the last couple days.


yea, i guess its better if you want those mission done quick, and if you don’t live in an area with lots of spawn locks


Thanks so much I will use this you made america great again god bless you


My son can’t even be bothered to feed monsters berries because he’s too busy watching twitch or trying to collect dinosaur DNA, so he is stuck on stage 1 also. Going to suck for him if he waits until Halloween event ends and Dark Type spawns go down.


I honestly forgot to feed some mons some berries since I normally don’t use them, would have completed that quest an hour earlier if I had. Oh well :man_shrugging:t3: Lol


All you have to do is feed the berry, it doesnt have to be active or whatever, you can get 10 berries easily off a single Pokemon without running away


Too bad, one of the parks near me was a houndour nest…caught almost 30 in a day…no shiny tho