New Features in the update!


Many things are being released.


First Feauture!


Still waiting for a “can gift” filter. The grey arrow helps, but if someone didnt open their gift from the previous day im still clicking on that friend for nothing…


Same,that would be useful.

Until recently I never knew blue behind friends means already increased friendship levels :crazy_face:.

Then @Necrozmadabest told me.


Well thats what patch notes are for :wink:


I was able to open the gift although my bag space was full because that gift contained only stardust.


I’m annoyed by that, and I have just 11 (soon 9 if the non openers don’t open fast).


Same here. :rofl:


I’ll open your gift…

But do not have one to send back, is that OK? :thinking:


I’m OK with people not giving back every day. Some people have so many friends it’s near impossible to gift every one.