New ex wave! sept 9, 10


Yeah I got the names mixed up … I’ve got 1 atm & will evolve another one this week (hoping it gets double dark moves, I don’t have the TMs to waste playing the moves lottery)


Good luck, try not to get clobbered by Mewtwos moves. Dodge the charge move :wink:.


Yeah thanks I’ll see how the dodging goes, hopefully there’s a few lvl 40s at the raid … I’m a bit of a solo player atm, guess I’ll meet some of the other local raiders this time


Yep, you can share trainer codes and crap also.

Get to the location 1-2 hours before to take down the gym


@RickyBobby38 use golden razzes on your pokemon to keep the gym alive, and use silver pinap on mewtwo If you have it.


1-2hrs might be a bit excessive … It’s only 5-10min from my place … But being there early is the message (received & understood)

Good call on the silver pinap too, I need to get thru that part of Celebi quest first & also hit those field research that give it as reward too

Gym control shouldn’t be an issue, Mystic always own that gym when we need to


So what if they get obliterated. You should do as much damage to Mewtwo as you can


Will do … I should have a Gengar by then, that should please Mr Mewtwo :laughing:

I hope they don’t pull the old raid boss switcheroo - that’d be awesome, but also annoying (I wouldn’t mind getting one Mewtwo before they give him a rest)


Practice Excellent Throws :grin:.


Definitely will be doing that - as long as he’s not small & low to ground AND way at the back of the throwing range AND moving about errantically (like most of the birds, ghosts & flying bugs) I’m reasonably confident of catching him … it’s the taking him down part that’s iffy, we seem to be cloudy/partially cloudy 95% of the time currently - but there should be a bunch of experienced raiders at this one, my brains just being annoying (quiet down brain :laughing: )


The catch rate is higher than other legendaries.

Even if you fail at battling/capturing, at least you know where an EX gym is.


Tell us live updates…

Be sure to have gym control.


We are back to Monday Ex Raids as of the previous issue. I couldn’t make it to yesterday’s due to a Midday time and being on Dayshift this week. I’ve got another Midday one for next Monday but that one works as I’m afternoon Shift.
Our groups back into Raid only after 4pm in an attempt to manipulate the Ex Raid time again. We target the less popular ones for a better chance in making it work.


Good luck.

Have fun with your group.

You gonna do Moltres Day with them?

How many Moltres do you expect?


I usually do the 3hr Legendary days with one other person that has her 2 kids and a good friends account that had a major operation and is still not well enough to play atm. We do our own thing as we have 8 accounts combined. She goes in for an Op tomorrow so most likely wont be well enough to play Saturday.
Moltress is an easy beat so I’ll do my own thing with the families 4 if I cant convince them to come out and help play their own accounts.
I expect some where between 10-15. We have a very good route we take which is away from where the masses tend to play. Where they finish up is where we start so no getting in each others way.
My group tend to raid and run if the IV is rubbish or it’s not Shiny. I like to catch em all so I don’t play with them on those days.


Good luck. Gtg


Woot! I got my first Mewtwo in the raid a couple of hours ago. I think we were eleven accounts, with a bit less people as a couple of people had two phones there. I got a bit nervous a bit before about people attending because middle of the day on monday and the gym is in a residental area so not that many workplaces nearby from which people might take a break. But there was probably some students and shift workers like me that happened to be free now.

I got a couple of silver pinap from the research tasks and then finished the part of celebi quest this morning that gives you silver pinap. So I used those. I debated between that and golden razz but decided to start with silver pinap. I got it in four or five throws of which one or two were complete misses, so I didn’t even use up that many berries.


Good luck everyone with your Mewtwo!


I got mine. This probably last ex raid for Mewtwo so make sure you catch yours.

And while your at it post it and show off.


Sadly another rubbish IV. A little annoyed that after 21 MewTwo Ex Raids done I have nothing good to show for all the time and effort that’s gone into getting Ex Passes.