New EX raid passes


I got Ex Raid Passes on all the Family accounts last Saturday March 10th for Ex Raid tomorrow Sat March 17th. I only did the trigger Raid the day before on the way home from work.

This morning Fri March 16th on the way home from work at 4am I got another set of Ex Raid Passes on all the Family accounts for Ex Raid Sat March 24th. I only did the trigger Raid Thurs March 15th on the way to work.

This will be 3 Ex Raids on Saturday’s in a Row.


Do you mind if I ask, when you say that you got a pass on all of your families accounts, are you using all of these accounts when you raid? Or are the family members using them? I’ve just seen you post it a few times and was curious


They don’t come out very often anymore so I bash away on all 4 myself when they don’t. Which just happens to be 90-95% of the time now.


Your a nice family member getting people mewtwo who dont even care to play.


Got another Ex Raid this coming Sat 31/3.
The last few waves were issued on Friday mornings. This one didn’t appear until Sunday morning.


Hey. I’m new to this and I got my first EXraid pass. I have no idea what to do. I read somewhere I need a tyranntor. But I don’t have one. I also don’t have a group. Am I basically screwed?


Dude, just arrive at the gym before the egg hatches and join a group
If possible, create three groups dicided by colours


No you are not screwed. You dont NEED a tyranitar. It is just the best choice to battle with.
In this guide you can read all the viable counters. Depending on your level, activity and stardust you can choose wich pokemon is best to use.
And even if you only have an army of Pidgey it wont matter if you have enough people to do the raid with. Make sure to arrive 5 minutes before the egg hatches, walk up to the group thats already there and ask them if you go as 1 group or split up per team.

Mewtwo raids are fun, but just like any other and nothing to be nervous about :wink:


You don’t need a Ttar but it’s nice to have one for it.


Thx everyone. I got the mew2 today.


well done i got 1 the first week of the weekly ex raid invites. My 1st one was scared and exited but am part of large group so not as much worry if anyone there. I have one tommorow while at school.


Strap yourselves in for another 7 weeks of Midweek Ex Raids if the current trend continues…
I took a day off for yesterdays and I’m lucky the time for next week (2pm) on Tuesday is an hour before I need to start work. Not sure how many more I’ll get to do before it gets to weekends again.


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