New event announced+various events

Here are some news+gym rework coming


So hyped!!! Can’t wait, going to be so nice seeing some Cyndaquils around :joy::joy:


For Europe players, these are the shopping centers in question.




What do you guys think how long will we be without gyms?

And it would be so awesome if we can get some tutorial video about new gym and not just ‘here you go’ method.


Wow! I have to admit I’m a little freaked out about the gyms being down for a while (but so worth it!). I wonder what that is going to be like? Will we still be able to see them? I may not know where I am in the world if I can’t see gyms. :confused:


lol, skipping Belgium as usual. RIP


What is Skipping Belgium? The special shopping center event that ONLY happens in Europe? That just puts Belgium on part with the entire rest of the world when it comes to the game.


that there is no U-R shopping centre in Belgium, so we would have to travel abroad to find 1. Same with UK etc.
So basicly it’s not Europe, but a part of West-Europe.


It is the same about Greece.Whatever…


yes, a shame, but an event is still nice. I guess.


Same for România. To bad. A lot of hyped players here.


Who thinks legendaries will be available in some way at the Pokémon GO Fest in Chicago?


I can’t wait for all the gyms to be taken down. My town is dominated by another team and I have to take gyms in neighboring towns just to be able to hold them for more than a few hours. All the parents that play the game in my son’s Cub Scout troop are on my team and hopefully I can inspire them to start teaming up with me to take over gyms.


Nah.They wouldn’t release legendaries just in one city of the world.That would be unfair for any other player not being there


I mean legendaries are supposed to be very rare


As bad as Niantic is with customer service there is no way they isolate all their players by doing it unannounced.


If Niantic is dropping the legendaries in just 1 spot, i’m dropping the game. Hopefully those PR guys at Niantic feel the same.


Do you think that just before they take the gyms down they take a count of the gyms controlled by each team?. And give us the score


As for legendaries i think they will be available at some point each year … to anyone who is new or failed the previous year to catch the legendary