New Ditto bug(s) while catching Pokemon


Hey fellow trainers,

Has anyone experienced anything similar? Sorry in advance foe potato quality :confused:

Notice the background


I haven’t seen it yet, but I’ll watch for it next time I play.


Yeah, I got it as well once in a while. Don’t have any screenshots of it though.


I was out in the city at this lure spot with some friends and 3 out of 5 Pokemon caught had this bug. Either Ditto appearing somewhere in the background (although the Pokemon caught was not! Ditto), or the background being this purple-ish color :confused:


I had this also ,then while I was catching ratta heard the ditto music just no ditto , with and without the crazy screen glitches .


Ditto glitch has been around for awhile, just restart the app whenever you catch a Ditto to get rid of it. Although the bugs can be pretty amusing sometimes.


Такая же хуйня) прикол в том, что на том месте действительно была rattata в облике которой скрывался ditto!!!


Rattata! Rattata! Rattata! Rattata!


It seems he wants to say:
The same garbage) the trick is that in that place there really was a rattata in the guise of which he was hiding
But this translation doesn’t helps me much…


I saw this glitch a lot about 2 weeks ago but nothing lately.