New clothes in-game discussion


What new clothes in-game do you want to you want to be released?

I want CD clothes which you can get on CD by doing tasks


Lapras clothes. No doubt about it.


GO Hub clothes


Elite 4 clothing
Cool trainer clothing
ace trainer clothing
camo pants
More colors of pre-existing clothing( Ash’s blue jeans? black jeans)
More shoes( high tops, low tops)
More hoodies
More urban clothing
New watch(red,blue,yellow)


Ninja set


I think there should be more colors for existing clothes like @5godLink said
I think it should give you a whole pallet to select your color scheme, and it would cost as many Pokecoins as it does to buy the original clothes. each time you want to change the color you have to pay as many coins again. If you like a color scheme you can favorite it to find it quickly.

I also think there should more clothes which to get you have to do more than just spend Pokecoins


I want new clothes that won’t cost me any coins


Dressing up like Lucian or Steven would be cool
Otherwise, maybe suit?


I’m more concerned about the hair styles and jewelry, both of which are lacking severely. No one wears their hair in a ponytail all the time. :roll_eyes:




I’m not digging the DBZ hair either. My son’s does that and he dyed it blue IRL to match. But I need a short cut that is balding on top. Need a beard too.