Nest Change which pokemon


What nest did youl get in your area is it good or bad pokemon. I have got a Meoth nest near me


Our nearest nest changed from an AIPOM to a JIGGLYPUFF nest. :no_mouth:


Was Seel.
Now Growlithe.
Both fine.


We have/had three nearby.
One changed from Totodile to Meowth
One changed from Ponyta to Totodile (so happy about this one, because I didn’t get a chance to go out to the other Totodile nest before the migration happened)
And one has mysteriously disappeared, I think. At least it’s not producing anything consistent at the moment, I think. Used to be Houndour.


Seal nest changed to growlith!


Two nearby nests are both slugmas now which sucks especially after the rock event when they were everywhere

I do have a girafarig nest close to work, I’ve caught a few recently after only ever catching one previously

Still have to explore some nests, but it’s been rainy lately