Need help planning lucky tradings


Hey guys, i need an advice.
I am in the fortunate situation of having less than 10 (6/10) lucky poke and some old 2016 ones elegible for the event.

I decided to test my luck trading an old snorlax for a Mewtwo (i dont have many chances to get ex invites, and my best one was 84%) and got a 13-15-15 (96%) lucky one.
With 3 spots left, would you suggest to test my luck again trading more Mewtwos, or focus on something else like Kyogres (best 93%), Groudons (best 91%) etc; considering that my only good leg is a 98% Rayquaza (among the useful ones)?



I would do this:
Get luckies for all the pokemon with under 80 %.

In doing so the IVs will always increase.


I agree with Pokemon.




Considering that i have only 3 spots left, and i have at least 91% for every leg, what should i focus?


Maybe, the ones you don’t have lucky, Kyogre and Groundon


Kyogre and Groudon are very useful, try them…

But be aware that IVs might decrease


I would look at each type and find the best mon. For instance if you don’t have a great Raikou yet, that would be a good one to have lucky. If someone is awesome enough to trade you a Tyranitar with double rock moves, that’d be another one to look for that’s super useful.


I wouldn’t trade for Mewtwo as the ultra bonus Mewtwo raid bosses are coming out soon


Yea i would do the same,Kyogre and Groundon are useful