Necrozma Raid Boss


Necrozma is a Lvl 5 Raid Boss (not out yet) in gen 7. Boss CP: 130582 max capture CP: 4002 (lvl 20 100% IV)images


Seeing as Ultra Necrozma is a battle-only transformation, it wont have ridiculous CP when catching it
Boss CP seems to be too high, despite its insane attack


DUDE! Wtf, gen 7 won’t be out for another 3-4 years, why are you talking about a raid boss nobody cares about rn, just be patient and wait for Kyogre =_=


I just hope that by the time this comes out we have an alternative to raids for solo players.




Yeah. Maybe solo raids with lower cp?


No, quests


Oh yeah. Almost forgot that @Necrozmadabest.