NA regional chat


Wish there was a dislike button…


Lol just like it


Let’s just see how the Cowboys do against the Saints on Thursday…Probably just as good as the Redskins did about 2 months ago.


Or as we did


At least you came back against the Giants today. We have you next Monday.


I like baseball more than football, so I hope the Phillies go into the playoffs.


Is NA North America?




We will take them


Ok hi then


Saints are looking incredible. My Steelers will have a hard fight in December.


This has turned into a football chat…


We don’t talk about the Steelers on here lol


Can we talk about pokemon esports lol


We can talk about hockey. My Capitals have won 6 in a row.


Congradulations! Have you been to a game?


I actually haven’t been to a game in person since jaxxon8 was a baby. But I watch them on TV all the time.


What was the very first non-community day shiny you caught?
Mine was Swablu.
Then Swablu.
Then wait for it… Swablu.
This is just to get things on a Pokémon topic


I hatched a shiny Pichu before community day. I got a shiny Mawhile in a raid. But first shiny I caught in the wild was Magicarp.


Then the next was Aron for me