Mythical pokemons


I know this has been a controversy for some time, and since I am not one of those “original games nerds” I won’t say anything about that…
But it is strange how they did it. They put it in (Ex) raids, which also means you can get more than one (unlike Mew and Celebi). On the other hand it is necessary to be able to have more than one once the other forms come out…
But they won’t let players trade it (not sure about transferring)…
So it is treated half mythical, half legendary…


Mythical just means you cant trade it
I expect some more mythicals to be put in EX Raids anyways, like Darkrai


i would hope you would be able to trade mythicals you get from ex raids


Do you still have or did they disappear. This is very interesting.


i still have them


Thats great stuff


well its 2 spaces wasted lol


@Toon6321, just wondering, but what does your Pokédex say?


seen 2 caught 2


Can u trade me one? Lol


lol i wish i could they are only 80 % i think


Oh that’s right! You can’t trade mythicals


yup only 3 pokemons you cant trade