Mythical pokemons


anyone else get the encounter rewards for the mythical quest

currently have two of each of them :smiley:

also they both have same exact ivs


Do you mean mew/celebi?

You are asking if we have them?


literally said i have two of each

if anyone else had that glitch happen


I don’t have this glitch, but I have heard about that at least. Seems like there was a problem when they restored the lost stacked research encounters (they recently tweeted they’d start doing that).
As far as I know people already used it to catch two Mews and Celebis.
It is rumoured though that the second one will disappear in the next days when the problem is finally fixed.


*two Mew and Celebi


Wow you are one of those gods then :star_struck:


Please post screenshot



Fake! Already seen that photoshop.


I know.

But you said to post screenshot.


I wanted to see a screen shot of two Mews and 2 Celebis in same storage box.


they are both same exact ivs


Lucky you wow


they both have shit stats so they are worthless LOL




But you are one of the few in the world with 2 of each


and they are taking valuable space in my limited storage : <


Just be happy you got something most people don’t have.


I just noticed that Deoxys is considered a Mythical Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Not a legendary??


Because it is a mythical and not a legendary