My Version of a Pokemon Safari Zone


So, I am pretty sure we all want the city/town we live in to have a Safari Zone someday, and I do too, so I am going to come up with my own, so here we go.

White Rock, Canada Safari Zone! (date/time)

Featured Pokèmon: Castform, Beldum, Charmander, Bagon, Larvitar, Bidoof, Lapras, Wailmer, Snover, Unown

New Shinies: Bidoof

Featured Types: Ice, Water, Rock

Pokemon appearing Globally: Snover, Bidoof

Unown Letters: W, H, I, T, E, R, O, C, K

Maximum Capacity for players: 50,000

You can make yours too down below!


North Pole

Featured Pokémon: Dewdong, Lapras, Articuno

Unown Letters: N, O, R, T, H, P, o, L, E

Maximum Capacity for players: 0 up to Infinite


Area 51
Features Pokémon:
Mewtwo, Abra, Ditto, Elgyem, Type: Null, Porygon, Ultra Beasts
I, N, E, X, P, L, C, A, B (inexplicable)
Pokémon appearing worldwide:
Ditto, Deoxys

Maximum capacity: 1 500 000



Featured Pokémon: Unown, Lunatone, Ditto, Jirachi, Umbreon

Unown letters: A, L, I, E, N, !, M, O

Pokémon appearing worldwide: none, just aliens and meteorites.


Back Alley
Pokemon: Rattata
Unkown letters: G I V E M E Y O U R M O N E Y
Pokemon appearing worldwide: Missing wallet.


Dont forget umbreon!