My first and only Legendary (or Mythical): MewTwo


Here comes the screen:

Twenty players there, more blue than red than yellow.

But really easy, one of myones died, but during the second Metwon was gone down.
And with the third ball it was catched.

Ah, all the twenty went home with a MewTwo, so a total success.

Thanks again to @JoshHack, without your help I would have been much more affraid


Well done for this! In the end though, you were the one that caught it, I just offered a few tips. Have fun with him!


Now we have to wait a week, and then we make a happy hour for you…


Congratulations on catching your Mew Two!!!


Legendary. Mythicals arent in the game yet (Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, Deoxys)


Well done on catching mewtwo. I’m jealous. I guess I’ll just keep at the grind and if I get one I get one.


Thanks to all, and @leonk98, you know what we all think about these invitations…, until now I have made 12 Raids, and I receive it, others make hundreds, and nothing.


If that is your only Legendary, it’s the best one to have. So far I only have Groudon and Kyogre and would gladly trade both for a Mewtwo. Congrats!


Honest congrats. Remember, if you struggle to just get invited, then don’t care about Mewtwo’s IV or anything like that, just fact that you caught it is huge milestone. Again, congrats @bagguille


You shouldnt tough. Especially Kyogre is much more usefull.


Congrats! That’s the only one I don’t have


Mew is in the game


Geez really?


Not at the time of writing


Oh, I didn’t see the time, my bad lol.