Murkrows won't evolve



I caught a few Murkrows just before Gen IV was released. Obviously, they couldn’t evolve then because Honchkrow is Gen IV, but now that Gen IV has been released, they still don’t have an option to evolve. Is this a bug, or am I misunderstanding something?



I think it has to do with the evolutions of these Pokemon not being available yet in the game (via these waves)


There are already pages up, such as this one, for Honchkrow. Does that not mean it has been released? How would they have gotten the stats if it isn’t released yet?


Those are in the game code, but Niantic hasn’t pushed their metaphoric button yet.


I guess the entire release of gen 4 Will be similar to how gen 3 was released


Ah I see, that makes sense. Thanks for the answer!



We are unsure of if Dusk Stone will be required, but either way we will need to wait for another wave for Honchkrow


I don’t think any Pokemon that evolve from an older generation came out with this wave.


You are right


IIRC, Gen 3 had it’s second wave 2 weeks after the initial release. Hopefully 2 weeks from now, we get to evolve those new Pokemon.


A lot seem to want the next thing in a hurry. I used to be a bit like that wasting candy and dust through Gen 1 & 2 evolving and Powering Up only to get a much better later and have to do it all over again.
By Gen 3 I changed that thinking to waiting until I had really good ones to preserve resources.
I’ve still got Gen 3with lots of Candy I haven’t evolved yet as I’m holding out for the right ones.
Ill do the same for Gen 4


Absolutely no reason to rush. I’m a firm believer in that philosophy


It looks like they will be sending up waves of Sinnoh pokemon every month. Slowly until the end of the year.
Still need 6 ekans to get my arbok.


You can bet all your Pokecoins that I will rush like crazy once Gible (aka the best Dragon and best Ground) gets released


Meta relevant or ones required for immediate need in a Battle team is a very valid reason not hold out.


The meta relevant ones are the ones that it’s best to hold out for, being hard to come by means Bug regret when that good one does come along. Best to save for a real good one.


That’s why I’m holding onto and collecting rare candy right now


When it comes to dex entries evolutions, I evolve only if the mon has 15 atk, lvl 25+ and 80%+. Good thing for Gen IV I’m pretty much set


I would say still waiting for Gen 3 evolutions at this point is a bit overboard but it’s your account to do as you wish. However yes unless you have that 100% or shiny you just have to have first, there’s no need to rush.