Multi Battle Party Selector


Who is excited?


Yeeeeeeeeeeeeessss! This will help so much!


I’m excited for those Venusaur, I’d like to have them… :stuck_out_tongue:


How do you do the team select like that?


Not current, this is marked for an update.
When is not known atm.


When I first saw multi party selector I was thinking about the ability to create a second team that is auto selected if the first on is all used up rather than defaulting to recommended.
It’s a pain swiping sideways to select a second team you’ve created in the heat of a Raid when all you want to do is jump back in so that clock doesn’t count down. Some times the swipe doesn’t work or the fat fingers select a Pokemon in the team for change all wasting more valuable seconds.

The example able allows for a better view of your list when creating a team. Quite handy when you got some exactly the same CP as they like to switch order going back to you list each time.
That’s why I add a 1 to 6 in my names so if I stuff the team up with fat fingers I can fix it easily.


@NotanotherKangaskhan @Jormdeworm I think it will have good use for when the gen 4 raids and Pokemon come out


How will it have good use with Gen 4?
It looks like it will just be a new different mechanism for selection. It’s not as though there will be any massive time saving or additional useful feature.


But for making battle parties quickly after your first one got defeated by Palkia or something like that


Why would you try and make a new team selection after the first one has been defeated while the Raid timer is still counting down?
The whole idea is to make your battle teams in advance to Raiding for quick selection.


Oh, I see.

I guess it would just save a little bit of time.


Looks complicated.


Press a plus… select a pokemon… press a plus… select a pokemon :crazy_face::crazy_face:


@Nagoriyuki are you excited?


Ever happy to be the stupid one – how did you get even one Pokemon with 99999 CP, much less a whole gaggle of them?


When dataminers see stuff like this, all pokemom appear as that cp.


Thanks for the answer.

Are we excited? I’m mostly confused, I guess; but that’s not entirely unfamiliar territory, so it doesn’t mean I’m totally lost – been here before!


Select the plus, select a pokemon…


Thanks, @Pokemon, for your generous effort to explain.

What confused me wasn’t that part, but how data miners figured into this. And I’m really not interested in using data mining PoGo tools, preferring to avoid anything that could risk incurring a player ban. I’m just sticking with simpler screen scrapers like Poke Genie (and to a lesser extent Calcy IV).


Well, they get the APK, or images and code changes for the next update by looking into the Google API.