Mr. Mime Outside the Region


I searched, but could not find this in the forums anywhere. When i was reviewing my Pokedex, I saw that I had “Seen” a Mr. Mime, but had zero catches. I live in the northwestern US, have not been outside of my region, and have never used any type of bot or spoofing software. Is this some type of glitch? I am trying to figure out how I saw something that is regional elsewhere. I use a Pokemongo Plus, so not sure if that factored in?

Anyone else have oddities in their Pokedex that shouldn’t be there?


If you see them in a gym I think that counts as having seen it


Thank YOU! That is extremely helpful to know. I was way more confused than I needed to be. This helps me not think I am going crazy. Have a great one!


Also I believe if you do a raid and someone in your raid team/group has one you haven’t seen it registers. That’s how I have Salamance as seen


That didn’t work for me on all the Ho-Ohs and Mewtwos my raid groups have had during raids.


Hmm weird, maybe it doesn’t work at all then, I could have seen a Salamance in a gym, but I avoided gyms that had a Salamance so I wouldn’t have it as seen on my Pokédex, just assumed it was because people were using it in rayquaza raids hence how I saw it


Not true. You must have seen a Salamence in a gym. But it would be funny though.


Yeah, figured when bobbyjack8 said that. Just don’t know how I saw it in a gym, I’m pretty thorough in making sure that doesn’t happen.


Wife went out with a friend one Saturday last year and came home with a Mr. Mime. We are in the southeast (U.S). I have no idea how she managed that. She has put it in a gym, so it shows on mine that I have seen it.


Look were she caught it