Moveset Damage Calculation


Hey everybody! Can anybody explain what’s the difference between GO HUB’s moveset calculations and for example those from gamepress. Is the gamepress calculation based on personal opinions or are they just calculating based on some other aspects? Because there are some significant differences. And which ones makes more sense to take care of in the end while batteling in the game?


Hi @ronnzakk and thanks for the question!

Gamepress rates movesets by using Pokebattler simulations and their own personal opinion. We (GO Hub) use only DPS that’s available in the GAME_MASTER file and game’s meta data.

I would honestly say that both systems are correct, Gamepress system is simpler to use and understand for every day scenarios. I often do the following:

  • check the DPS on the HUB
  • check rating on Gamepress
  • keep Pokemon if the moveset has a good rating or a good dps

The reason why we explicitly do not rate movesets is simple: we don’t know what’s coming in the future. Currently, a moveset that Gamepress rates as A in Gym defense can be completely useless when the gym rework/PvP system lands.

Hope that clarifies things a bit :slight_smile: