Move Rebalance with Gym Rebalance


I really want Niantic to relook at their moves and move sets as to diversify moves and pokemon. When moves are just worse versions of a different move, its just an insult: Futuresight vs Psychic, Overheat vs Fire Blast, Brick Break vs Low Sweep, Flame Burst vs Flamethrower, Aircutter vs Drill Peck, Ominous Wind vs Shadow Sneak, Energy Ball vs Power Whip/Grass Knot, Drill Run vs Sand Tomb vs Bulldoze, Ice Beam vs Avalanche, Rock Slide vs Power Gem, Aqua Jet vs Bubble Beam.
Those are just the moves that stood out the most, there are other moves that are similar and I dont want to list. Hopefully the gym rework does something to rework moves as well, or else gym fighting is still going to be very bland.


I think, that not only the strongest has to win everything, but everybody has to have a chance…
I understand your point of view, but the movesets are where there are, if you like them or not.
So, you have to live with them the way they are.


Seriously, I pointed this out in another thread and no one else has really taken notice. Look at the gyms. Right now. They take way more esteem or level then before. A maxed 10 fort is 52,000 instead of 12,000.

If this goes where I think it will, then I like it. I’ve been wanting them to do this:

Basically, grinding a gym by yourself will suck. A lot. Cracking down level 10s. Grinding into a high level, they’re just gonna be too much for all but the elite to do. And even then might not be worth it.

But that’s by yourself. Each teammate you get reduces your handicap. For each person, decrease the defenders stats and increase the esteem reward. 4 good players together should kill a fort in, like, 2 battles each.

Fully supports cooperative play, which is what Niantic wants, while viciously hurting spoofing and shaving.


I’m completely with you.
The only thing I wanted to say is, that there have to be ever a way to win. For every defender-constelation there has to be an attacker-constelation. Nobody has to feel secure in a Gym, never, not even with 5 legendaries…